Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I will not support the stupid.

There is a really nice “sweet, young thing” girl at the lab. I really like her but….she is new and she cares too much. And because it is fitting, I will refer to her from now on as Miss Ingénue. As Miss Ingénue and I were finishing up our yoga practice last night, I asked her if she needed any help before I took off.

Miss Ingénue: No, I’m o.k. but I noticed Sr. Loco was still outside. I know that he is your housemate. His car broke down and he is calling the tow truck to pick it up. He will need a ride home.

I think it is really great that there are people looking out for the comfort of others. However, what Miss Ingénue didn’t realize was that Sr. Loco had, through his behavior and utmost idiocy, brought this culminating moment on himself and that I would be interfering with fate and divine consequence were I to intervene.

When his car stopped working last winter, did Sr. Loco take it to a mechanic? No. “I know what is wrong with it. All I have to do is bang on the engine really hard with a hammer.” After weeks of walking and riding to work and attempting to fix the car himself, he finally gave in and had the mechanic tow it away and fix it. Did he learn his lesson? No. Sr. Loco doesn’t know when the last time he actually changed his oil. His car is an environmental hazard leaving huge puddles of oil whenever and wherever he parks. He has to fill it with oil every few days. Does he check to see where the leak is coming from? No. Does he take it to the mechanic? No. Sr. Loco doesn’t believe in mechanics. “Because what they can do, I can do with less expense.” However, that doesn’t mean that he actually fixes his car. He doesn’t.

You would also think that with his car obviously on its last legs, that Sr. Loco would minimize the mileage he drives. No. Because, he is in denial. He thinks that if he just ignores the oil slicks, the blinking red lights, and the metal on metal that constitute his breaks that nothing will happen. Such indicators are by no means a warning that the car is about to internally combust at any moment. So what did he do last weekend? Drive it to the city, 60 miles away. It took him 4 hours to get there. On the way home, it took him close to 24. His car was over heating, and he had to refill the radiator with water every 5 miles. He had to frequent an Auto Zone which required a walk across town to get tubing in order to make it home.

And after that obviously harrowing experience? He drove it to work the next day and then wondered at the completely dead engine when he wanted to go home that night.

Tell me that this is not a stupid man. This is a man holding a one way express ticket to disaster. Yes, I can tell him not to get on the train, but once on…..*shrugs*. Who am I to interfere with providence? Therefore, I respectfully ignored Miss Ingénue’s good intentions and went on my untroubled way.

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yola said...

How in the world did Sr. Loco ever make it into graduate school? I hope you have renter's insurance because I wouldn't be surprised if you came home one day to find your house completely obliterated because the furnace needed to be "banged on really hard with a hammer"...

Reading about SL on your blog is like watching a sitcom. :)


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