Wednesday, October 3, 2007

He will smell like the sea

I can thank the Old Navy commercial for introducing me to Ingrid. I am really diggin' her music. I love her lyrics, her voice, her instrumentation. Yup, pretty much think she is great.


yola said...

ooh I've been meaning to look that song up! Whenever it comes on the telly, it's so catchy that I think I want to buy a sweater. Seriously. Maybe I'll go buy her cd instead...or maybe I'll wait and see if it comes for my birthday. ;)

Lindsey said...

i agree with yola. i will probably buy this cd. i like the idea of having a guy who smells like the sea - as long as he smells like the sea when it's fresh and not icky. haha. sometimes the sea is not a good smell, but i digress. i've been needing some new "chick" music in my life, this seems like a good choice.


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