Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forever In Blue Jeans

Don't ask me why I am looking at Neil Diamond videos on Youtube. And Don't ask me why I think this is so amusing. Perhaps it is the proper Englishman introducing Neil. Perhaps it is how Neil struts his stuff wearing his sparkly shirt. Or perhaps it is his passionate singing about blue jeans. Whatever it may be....enjoy.


Lindsey said...

this just makes me think of Will Ferrells amazing Neil Diamond impression...sparkle shirt and all. so great.

Lin said...

also, i thought i would invite you to contribute to a book blog i just started. it's new and there's not much of a structure at the moment (aside from Children's Book Fridays, which really stems from my usually not so busy friday work schedule). anwyay, it's at readingloons.blogspot.com (there's a link on my site as well).


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