Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fainting Spells

Well Yola, I almost did it again. I was stepping up to check the water quality on the upper tanks (which I should not have had to do if Mr. Forever Young had done his job) when my knee contacted with the sharp corner of the walkway. However, instead of decending slow motion to the ground, pressing my face to the cement, waking up 20 seconds later to ask “where am I,” I was able to remain conscience enough to sit myself down, shove my face between my knees and wait for the waves of nausea and cold sweats to diminish. Due to my precarious posistion, any lack of consciousness on my part would have resulted in some serious injuries. My question: where is a chaise lounge when you need one? I never seem to be able to faint in style like any respectable heroine would.

And lest you suspect me of tightening my corset or being subject to anemia, this is actually a common response, complete with a medical name.

Intense pain, such as due to hitting your knee on a hard corner, may cause a temporary, exaggerated vasovagal response by your autonomic nervous system. As a result, your heart rate and blood pressure drop, which reduces blood flow to your brain. This results in a feeling of warmth, lightheadedness, dimming of vision and hearing, and even fainting (vasovagal syncope).

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yola said...

I still crack up over the time you fainted on our stairwell. One second you were yelling "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" and the next second you were sinking facedown into a crouch on the stairs with your face pressed into the top step, and the next second you were asking "where am I?" It was the strangest thing I'd ever seen. :)

I'm glad you are okay and had the presence of mind to sit yourself down and not get seriously injured.


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