Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Reminder

It has only been a week and already my Outerbanks vacation seems like a distant memory. If it weren't for the photographs, I might be able to convince myself that it was a work induced hallucination.

The wee bairns are just so cute! I just want to eat them up. And don't we just look like a bunch of bathing beauties (ha ha!)? I considered putting up my Ester Williams shot but.....that would be too much.


Lindsey said...

looks like you had fun. and those little ones are very cute. vacations go too fast. it feels like years since i went to england and it's only been three months.

yola said...

Your niece and nephew are darn cute. Little C looks just like an angel... "ANGEL, mother!"

I can't wait for my own beach vacation!


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