Thursday, September 6, 2007

Grown-up Tastes

I have noticed that many people don’t re-read books or re-watch movies. Once you have read it or seen it, you know what happens. The element of surprise and excitement is lost and hence the item has been devalued. I find the opposite to be true. Given a well told story, my enjoyment is enhanced with each reading or watching. There are movies that I have been watching since childhood and although my pleasure in watching them never ceases, my relationship with the movies does: alternating story lines change in their importance and relevance to my life; characters loose or gain favor.

One such movie is The Man from Snowy River. I love this movie. It has it all: a feisty heroine, really cute Australian cowboys, great scenic shots, and romance. When I was younger, I was completely smitten with Jim (aka The Man from Snowy River). I mean, who wouldn’t totally crush on his sandy blond hair, bewitching dimples, lean hips, and broad Australian accent? I spent years dreaming about Jim. However, I distinctly remember the viewing when I thought, “forget about Jim, give me Clancy!” --Clancy being the much older supporting character with the air of mystery. He had lovely strawberry blonde hair and was old enough to have facial hair—a dashing moustache! This marks the phase in my maturity where I switched to swooning over men with an air of distinction.

I mention this because my current biological oceanography professor reminds me very strongly of Clancy. He has the same strawberry blond hair, worn slightly longish and the same dashing moustache. The saving characteristics preventing me from jumping him: his lack of an Australian accent, his preference for tie-dyed button down shirts and crazy vests, and his extreme ineligibility (being presumably happily married.) I suppose I should be thankful. As the class is after lunch, I don’t need another reason to not pay full attention to the lecture.

So the question demanding to be asked regarding my current preference……..any thing goes! Seriously. Give me Jim, Clancy, or Jim’s remarkably attractive father who dies within the first 10 minutes, I don’t care. I will take any and all of them. Age has ceased to be an issue at this point….the side effects of being single at 28.


yola said...

"sandy blond hair, bewitching dimples, lean hips, and broad Australian accent"...and here I thought it was all about the white pants.

"a dashing moustache" -- I'm sorry, but 'staches are anything but dashing in my opinion. They are either sinister or simpering, or just plain Tom Selleck, but nothing in between. A bit of 5 o'clock shadow on the other hand can be quite intriguing--tortured soul, up all night thinking about moi, that kind of thing.

heehee! :D

ps: I will at some point rewatch this movie for the sake of our friendship, because I still don't quite understand why this is such a hot movie. But then again my own personal man-candy movie is King Arthur...

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the white pants is that they accentuate the lean hips. White pants only look good if you have the hips (or lack thereof) to wear them.

O.k. and I agree with you on the 'staches except when paired with strawberry blonde hair. I don't know what it is but on Clancy, Robert Redford as the Sandance Kid, and my Bio. Oc. prof. I swoon. And, yes, 'staches are best when full but trimed and grouped with western a pair of chaps for example.

Otherwise, ixnay on any sort of facial hair besides the 5 o'clock shadow that you mention. Oi!

Yes, I am seriously thinking of purchasing it. Maybe I will do that right now.

Retail Worker #48721093 said...

You can have the 50 (?) year old, portly, and kinda sweaty dude that comes into my work, finds me in my department, and then tries to talk to me. If you're that desperate at 28. :D

Anonymous said...

Retail worker,

Desperate does not mean mentally incapacitated. I think your offer would fall under that second category.


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