Sunday, September 23, 2007

“And soap, as you know, is highly poisonous.”

Fruit flies: nasty little bugs that remind me of my college genetics class. (if you were to cross a stunted wing, red eyed homozygous female with a long wing, black eyed heterozygous male, and you know that the long wing trait is dominant over the short wing……blah blah blah). Yeah, so you get the drift: fruit flies. Well, we had them. We had a lot of them. Enough to perform all the crazy genetic mutation studies you could dream of. We went from not having any to having the mother load. (And no, we do not keep our trash festering around for weeks on end either, thank you very much).

Google, as you know, can be very useful, and I found a number of different homemade remedies to try. The most promising was the funnel trap. And while it worked, I was still dissatisfied with the results. I wanted massive genocide, not mere slaughter. However salvation came through my favorite bulletin board of all time, otherwise known as the Mecca for all answers. There in, I found this jewel of a recipe:

2 c warm water
2 T sugar
2 T white vinegar
a couple of drops of liquid dish soap.

Split this up into containers with a fairly large mouth on it and set where you are seeing your fruit flies.

It takes a couple of days but then........Hasta la vista fruit flies!

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