Monday, September 24, 2007

200,000 Miles!

Jean Louise, my 1995 VW Golf, turned 200,000 miles today. This on the eve of her going into the shop to get her little pollution issue under control. In celebration of the event, I inventoried (with mileage and date) all of the automotive repairs performed on her since I bought her, almost 5 years ago. Yeah, I think I have replaced every major part (except the transmission) during the course of those 5 years....some of them twice. No doubt I have paid equal or more than the original price....a whopping 3K which constituted my entire savings at the time.

However, she has been a good car to me. She is my first car purchased completely on my own and for which I have had complete responsibility. Not to mention, she has seen me through two moves one of which included driving across the country. Jean Louise and I have had some good memories, and I hope we are together at least another 50,000 miles.

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