Monday, July 16, 2007

Workin' Hard!

To adopt a phrase used often by my lovely nephy, I have been workin’ hard today. Check out the strain! However, looking at that photo, I again curse the genes which deny me well-defined muscles.

Today was day one of my captivity. From now until November, I am chained for all practical purposes to the lab. If any one comes to you with a research project which involves rearing live fish, laugh incredulously in their face and say no. You will be doing yourself a favor. For when you rear fish, there are no holidays; there are no weekends--just the endless feeding and cleaning up. This season, I need a total of a 172 fish. Given the 50 percent mortality rate due to transportation and stress, I really need to catch 400 fish. Today we caught 150. While it isn’t horrible (I mean we actually caught fish in somewhat significant numbers), it does mean that I will have to go out probably two more times this week.

I forgot the smell of river water. Or perhaps I should say Chesapeake Bay tributary river water. Being able to smell yourself, I think, is a bad sign. After our return back to the lab, I was sitting at my desk looking over my emails and getting whiffs of something very ripe. Unfortunately, that particular something was myself. I hypothesize that the degree of stench associated with a person’s dip into the river, indicates the lack of river health. I can’t imagine that a healthy, non-polluted system would cause a person to stink.

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