Friday, July 20, 2007

[clang] Bring out your dead! [clang]

Tail rot is the fish version of the bubonic plague…..a fungus that dissolves the caudal fin until it is nothing but a bloody stump. The death toll was 37 this morning which brings me below the critical mass needed for all the up-coming experiments. The mortality rate this year has been even greater than what it was last year…two-thirds vs. fifty percent. I have been taking little plastic sacks out to the garbage twice a day for the past few days now--no time at all for a proper burial. And while I should be saddened that their lives were shortened and that they died far away from their happy feeding grounds, I am more upset by the fact that I will have to go out seining again next week for more fish. Is it too much to ask that they just buck up and live?

Also I was thoroughly depressed this morning as I realized that although it is Friday, I can no longer anticipate the weekend ahead. Why? Because the weekend will be a repeat of the last few days…..feeding the fish, cleaning up, water changes etc. Nothing will change. Sigh. I can’t even sleep in anymore.

For those of you who need a little Monty Python refresher……


yola said...

Oh bummer! I was praying for a fish miracle for you. At least you'll have HP to keep you and your remaining fish company.

Anonymous said...

ahh, you should have come to spamalot with K and I....then you will have had your monty python lines thoroughly refreshed.

so sad about the fish mortality rate. good thing you are not buddist or your soul would be in serious jeapardy now. lets chat sunday night for the HP update.

hugs and kisses


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