Monday, July 23, 2007

At Last

Because you know that I can’t stay silent on this subject. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was……well amazing. At first I thought that I wouldn’t get it on Saturday. I pre-ordered it from Amazon but chose the free shipping option which meant that it wasn’t guaranteed to arrive on Saturday. This brought on a series of low level anxiety attacks. What was I going to do on Saturday if I couldn’t read it? How would I fit it in my schedule to read it during the week? Etc. Contingency plans included picking up a new Meg Cabot book (Pant on Fire) and another light teen read to entertain/distract myself with on Saturday. My sleep Friday night was sporadic at best; my dreams oscillating between scenarios which included getting the book on Saturday and not. However right before I woke up on Saturday morning, I had this really cool dream where I was Ginny (well, I was myself but obviously in the Ginny role) and was waiting for Harry. (Do you remember the bit in HP6 after the final quidditch match where Ginny is described as blazingly intense? Yeah, that was me in my dream.) Along with my dream came a soundtrack--the first in my recollection a soundtrack has accompanied by dreams. As I was waiting there for Harry, Crowded House’s Distant Sun was playing:

Still so young to travel so far
Old enough to know who you are
Wise enough to carry the scars
Without any blame, there's no one to blame
Easy to forget what you learn
Waiting for the thrill to return
Feeling your desire burn
As you're drawn to the flame
When your seven worlds collide
Whenever I am by your side
And dust from a distant sun
Will shower over everyone

A bit fitting don’t you agree? So, yeah, my sub-conscience shows that I am in love with Harry Potter. And once more, I find myself relating to a character with red hair which further confirms my theory that my soul must be red-headed despite the actual genetics which cause my physical hair to manifest itself as brown.

Saturday came, and I received my book……….and I didn’t come up for air for 10 hours. I even neglected my fish, deciding that they really didn’t need their second feeding. I dropped by to turn off the lights and to make sure that all the air stones where in but then I headed straight back home and into the waiting arms of Harry Potter. It was an amazing and a highly emotional read for me. I was laughing, crying, sighing throughout the entire novel. For ten years I have been reading and re-reading these books. The characters are my friends, and I feel like I know them intimately. Reading the book, I felt like I was reading a very, very long letter from them, telling me what they have been up to in the last few years.

My favorite parts (generalized to make sure I don’t give away any huge spoilers):

-The scenes at the burrow. I think these are my favorite scenes in all the books. I find the Weasley family charming, and these sections tend to have to wittiest dialogue.

-Ron and Hermione’s relationship. There were some really sweet scenes that literally had me saying “Awww” out loud to myself.

-My Snape theory proving correct. Yeah!

-The epilogue. I read some critiques which mentioned it being contrived; however, I felt it was absolutely necessary to bring closure to the story. I just loved the image it presented.

Of course, this list is my no means exhaustive. I look forward to further re-readings and listening to it on CD so I can find even more favorite moments. While I am so happy to know how it finally ends, I feel a sense of loss as well. No more Harry Potter anxiety attacks while waiting for the next book. No speculation on what will happen next. This is the end. Sigh.


Lindsey said...

I was happy that I read this book alone in my room...if only for the reason that I too laughed and cried and audibly gasped. these reactions are not commonplace for me when reading.

this was by far my favorite book. hands down. and although the epilogue was a bit contrived...who cares, right? as long as it's just the epilogue and we are given a satisfactory ending.

my favorite ron and hermione bit was toward the end - regarding the house elves. hopefully that is not too vague.

also...i really loved luna and neville in this book.

now i just want more people to finish reading so i can talk more freely!!

yola said...

Agh, I know, the House-Elf-Realization-Moment-And-What-Happened-Immediately-Thereafter is something I've been waiting YEARS for. So satisfying! I read just that tiny part over and over a couple of times, just to wallow in the joy of it. :)

I figured I would be disappointed with the closure on at least a couple of things, but right now I can't think of anything I'm unsatisfied with. This book was incredibly good in how it explained things, how it brought enough closure, how it developed the characters and relationships. Some of the exposition toward the end got really confusing though, so I feel the need to go back and reread those parts (and well, just all the Ron and Hermione parts too).

Yeah the epilogue was a bit contrived, but really, isn't that kind of the nature of epilogues? They might have done with out it, but I think this was Rowling's way of claiming her characters' futures .

Retail Worker #48721093 said...

You can still speculate over how crappy the next two movies will be. :D


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