Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Miss Potter

I watched this movie last night (and you can too if you go to this link). I have a fondness for stories based on actual events. My favorites include: Chariots of Fire, Amazing Grace, Shadowlands, to name a few. I find them inspiring. I particularly loved this story. I loved how Beatrix Potter’s life deviated from the normal perceived progression of a woman’s path in the late 19th century; yet although she perhaps questioned at times why that was so, she embraced the opportunities and challenges that presented her. The result was a remarkable life which blessed the lives of many. I also perceive a kindred spirit in her—a person with a love of both science and art. According to wikipedia, she was one of the first to perceive that lichens were a result of a symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi…something she discovered through extensive drawing of them. The overall story was charming, sweet, and delightful…..adjectives that describe very few movies nowadays.


yola said...

See? Delightful! Such an apt word. I'm glad you liked it too. :)

Krilafis said...

I absolutely loved this movie. I watched it in England with my friend Louise Blundell. She sat and cried all the way through it although she had seen it about twenty times already.

It is that good of a movie.

I love movies that are about true people as well..that and I L.O.V.E. Ewan McGregor.


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