Friday, June 1, 2007

Going Green

Guilt. I have a well developed sense of guilt. So, when I started reading no impact man’s blog, it wasn’t long before I felt that familiar feeling making my bile churn. I am a biologist. I study fish habitat. I work towards changing the world. Yet, despite these worthy endeavors, I drive my car the two and a half miles to work. I participate in the cavalier treatment and waste of earth’s precious, limited resources. Granted, I have an excuse……I don’t own a bike. But, I consider that excuse to be a bit weak. So, after a lot of hemming and hawing, I broke down last weekend-the weekend of record high gas prices-and bought a bike.

This past week, I have been riding to and from work. What bliss! What joy! I didn’t think I would find such satisfaction and enjoyment from riding, but feeling the breeze in my hair as I swoop along…..and just being outside has been pure pleasure. There has been one drawback however--the saddle sores. My derriere is very sore. Yes, I have a good padded seat….but I think even if I were to sit on a pillow; I would still feel pain. I guess I just need to build up a good set of calluses and then I will be set.

Not only will this bike lessen my ecological footprint, but it will enhance my fitness and save me money! Whohoo! As a student with a limited income, I confess, I am looking forward to the last benefit more.

Happy riding!

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yola said...

Hey, go you! I too am looking into purchasing a bike, though I haven't really had time to shop for one until now. Here's to greenness!


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