Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Virtue of Patience

We live in a society of instant gratification. We are governed by our wants, and we want them on our terms. I, like most people, am a product of the society in which I live. Patience is a virtue I do not naturally possess. I am always quite positive that I would be much happier if I had want I wanted NOW. The ultimate Jedi Master (a.k.a. God) has been trying hard to remedy this fault of mine, this lack of patience. He very diligently has given me experiences to teach me this valuable lesson: there are some things in life that are worth waiting for, and that his time schedule is the right time schedule. Troublesome, but true. Take for example the three years it took for graduate school acceptance. Three years of extremely painful limbo while working mindless, soul-sucking jobs. Yet in those three years, I met some incredible people, learned some valuable lessons, and became best friends with my oldest sister. And at the end of it, I can honestly say that I am where I am supposed to be, in an awesome program with awesome people. Patience and waiting gives poignancy to life.

Likewise, it takes a lot of time to make really good bread. Today, I made my first ever boule of French bread. Something I am been wanting to attempt for years but have been prevented due to a lack of equipment (i.e. a pizza stone or brick oven). However, that obstacle was recently eliminated through the generosity of a most beloved brother. Armed with the appropriate equipment, I set aside today as the great French boule experiment. Quivering in anticipation, I was dismayed to read that the process takes four to five hours in all! Not only does the dough have three rising periods each an hour long, but it must also “rest” three additional periods for about five minutes each. Time intensive in the extreme. The last hour, in which I was enveloped by the heady and intoxicating scent of freshly baked bread, was excruciating. Even after it was done, I still had to let it cool. But oh….the taste! Crispy on the outside, soft and slightly tangy on the inside, and perfectly addicting. What is a few hours of hard work and wait when heaven awaits you?

All good things in life: love, joy, great food, take time…….sometimes long amounts of time. But oh… worth the wait. Patience is always a virtue, and one the Jedi Master is very correct in teaching me.

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Krilafis said...

The bread sounds tantalizing. I have a problem with patience too. Especially with cutting watermellon and baking cookies. I normally eat those before they ever make it into a serving dish.


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