Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Vicious Cycle

Once you step on the path to foodom, you can never turn back. Once you have that euphoric experience of pure ingredients cooked till perfection…. it ruins you for anything inferior. It is like knowing a good man. When your eyes have been opened to see the possibility……you don’t want to settle for anything less.

Cultivating a gastric palate is a dangerous and potentially isolating activity. No longer can you enjoy yourself with the same abandon. Your mind casts up gastric memories of better prepared food and sensuous experiences. In comparison, the food currently on your palate fails miserably. I have a friend you approaches a gourmet meal with the same enthusiasm as a canned bowl of beef stew. There is no taste bud differentiation. Although I pity his lack of ability to experience true culinary joy, I envy his uniform appreciation for all food. It has reached a point where not only the memory better meals mocks the current inferior gastric experience but my body starts to out right reject the inferior product.

For example, my body currently rejects all processed sugar such as HFCS, corn syrup, and whatever else they put in store bought products these days. My body is so used to homemade baked goods that anytime I deviate from the trend, anarchy ensues. Last night, for example, at a friend’s I had brownies from a mix and store bought ice cream (my body accepts Breyers and Ben and Jerry’s, but not any thing with corn syrup, etc). It felt like I received an IV shot of straight sugar. It was heady…….and nauseating. I felt ill not five minutes later. I really wished I could purge my body of the sweet noxious substance.

See the potential problem? People make brownies all the time and very few of them from scratch. To turn them down, to insinuate that they are not the best brownies that you have tasted, cause havoc to relationships. I feel like I am perfecting the non-comment--how to refrain from complimenting and not have it be awkward. It is either the non-comment, the hedge comment, or the out right lie. None of them ideal. It is a tricky fine line to walk. I mean, I really do want to say “that is the best thing I have tasted in a long time,” but you have to be true to yourself. You have to maintain gastric integrity.


Lin said...

those brownies made my tummy rumble as well. maybe it was the fact they were roughly the size entire face! they were delicious, but very rich and i knew i was in trouble after the first bite. although i have to admit, box brownies are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well the fact that the serving size was a quarter of a pan did not help. I wasn't going to take a lot.....knowing my propensity to feel ill with really sweet stuff, but A. was being the gentleman and serving up portions. I didn't have the heart to turn his offering away.


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