Monday, April 30, 2007

A Near Death Experience

There I was, running along my normal Monday morning route, listening to the This American Life show "24 hours at the Golden Apple", when I noticed a very large, brown, ancient Cadillac barreling down on me. I was running on the shoulder, a place recognized by most to be a logically sound location to run. The driver? A eighty year-old woman, barely able to see over the steering wheel. She straddled the line delineating the shoulder and the road with tenacity.....showing no weakness for small animals and human beings happening to be in her path. Upon realizing her undeviating course and with scant seconds to spare, I dodged out of the way. The force of the wind on my face in passing indicated how close I had come to being road kill.

1 comment:

Krilafis said...

Oh my word.

The lady was probably thinking, "Jogger fifteen points"


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