Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Haikus

My friend Yola and I documented our summer one year through haikus sent on postcards. It is one of my best memories…..getting those postcards in my remote Washington location. I didn’t feel quite so alone after getting those post cards. I have at other times tried to capture thoughts and experiences through haikus. There is something so intriguing about minimalizing events and thoughts to seventeen brief syllables. Therefore, I initiate Haiku Fridays. Deep thoughts and long rants are too overwhelming for a Friday—seventeen syllables are as much as I can handle.

My proposal’s done
I can’t bring myself to work
So I write haikus

Hours of youtube
Time slowly slipping away
I can’t stop watching

BBC’s Robin Hood
Extreme anachronism
But oh, so gripping

Coldplay’s “Fix You”
Sung by a woman’s chorus
Makes really good video

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