Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Biological Clock

I used to be under the impression that hip spreading and domesticity come with the onset of bearing children and setting up house. Imagine my surprise at 25 when my hips definitely widened for no cause other than an increase in age. Discussions with other 25+ single women found my experience to be non-unique. Apparently, this is a normal physical manifestation that comes with age. Who knew that puberty never really ended? Could you imagine telling a teenager that? The horror! Yet, they really should have a pamphlet on physical changes that occur in your mid-twenties, because the surprise factor just isn’t very cool….like having my hips spread at 25 and the onset of adult acne which rivals anything you get when you are a teenager. My new theory is that domesticity also comes with age, just like hip spreading, whether you are setting up house or not.

There are two groups of people at the lab: those that are hooked up/married, and those that are not. Surprisingly, the majority fall in the first category. The marrieds, or the might as well be marrieds, tend to be in their late twenty/early thirties, while the swinging singles fall in 23-25 range. And me……well, I am neither here nor there being single but in my late twenties. It isn’t surprising that I feel like I don’t fit quite into either group. I no longer have the desire to live the wild single life: partying late, being super social, and being ON all the time. Nor can I justify my non-social actions with the excuse of spending quality time with my family……not having one. Yet, as I was hanging out with my lab group (who happen to be all happily married) this past Saturday, I was impressed by the similarity in how we spend our spare time: running in the morning, a bit of garden work in the afternoon, cooking a lot on the weekends. It seems highly unfair that because I am single, I am expected enjoy the same activities of those 5 years younger than myself. That enjoyment of domestic activities is only acceptable when you are married and no more need to party the weekend away, working the scene. Look, I am no longer 23! At the age of 23, I was not spending my spare time pouring over cookbooks, studying how to grow an herb garden, and dreaming of sheet sets. I was also more open to the idea of staying out late and mingling with people. But, I am 28. I get tired at night. I like to go to bed at 10:30. And my homebody instincts are kicking into overdrive.

Hence my theory that the onset of domesticity can be blamed, along with the hip spreading, on my biological clock. The problem with this theory is: it is hard to test. Because, most people my age…..are married. This really confounds the data, making it difficult to determine if age or marital status correlates with domesticity. However that is my theory, and I am sticking to it.

In celebration of my domesticity and that fact that I am 28, I made a lovely fresh pea soup and a loaf of soda bread tonight. I had my first ever fresh pea soup over Easter and have been dreaming about it ever since. Seriously good and perfect for spring. I coupled it with soda bread….something I have never made before. The soda bread was good, although probably not the best accompaniment for this soup. I think a better vehicle would be a clear broth soup with vegetables as soda bread is really just a very large biscuit. I think I will enjoy the leftovers with a slab of butter and a drizzle of honey. Both were recipes from Cooks Illustrated.


Retail Worker #48721093 said...

I hear yah sista! <---I think I'm too old to try and be hip.

And I don't hear yah about the soda bread. I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer eat carbs as I once did (granted I've always been tubby but nowadays they make me really tubby). No more bowls of pasta or cake or potatos. Sigh.

Krilafis said...

I already love you. You and your homebody attitude and biological clock.

I think that I should come down and you, Lilifin, and I can learn how to do make house with you. I love cooking and I have been thinking of growing a garden myself.


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