Thursday, March 29, 2007

Love in the Afternoon

ARIANE: Cheer up, Mr. Flanagan! What's the matter? Relacher-vouz!
FLANAGAN: How many others were there?
ARIANE: Others?
FLANAGAN: Men. How many other men were there?
ARIANE: You mean before I met you, or since I met you, or all together?

The Itemized List:

Item 1. A red-headed algebra teacher
Item 2. A very sweet boy who is now a missionary in French Equatorial Africa.
Item 3. A riding instructor—formally a Cossack.
Items 4-9 inclusive cover a bicycle tour I took with a group of exchange students through the Pyrenees.
Item 10. The duke
Item 11. The alpine guide
Item 12. The banker from Brussels
Item 13. The chauffer of the banker from Brussels.
Item 14. Export-import
Item 15. The bull fighter

Correction please, in between items 14 and 15, insert Canadian Ice-hockey player.

Item 17. A Yugoslav sculptor.
Item 18. An Italian vice-consul.
Item 19. A dutch alcoholic

More later...........

Which goes to only need one real man and 19+ fictional. ;) Especially if that one real man is Gary Cooper. *Swoon*

C'est si bon!

1 comment:

Krilafis said...

Anklets are scandalous especially when give you by a Spainish Bull-fighter.

My favorite thing to give as birthday presents is this movie with an anklet.

I knew we would be friends when we sat tables a way from each other and still couldn't stop talking about books.


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