Thursday, March 1, 2007

Get thee a kilt, Laddie!

As backwards and unintuitive as it may seem—males dressing in what nowadays is viewed as a female article of clothing—men wearing kilts is terribly attractive. Perhaps it is the contrast of the vulnerability of those knobby knees (reminiscent of young lads in short pants) peaking out under the proud Scottish tartan. Pair that with a rugged highland wool sweater, and you have me swooning. I know….knobby knee attraction…..rather foolish. But then I seem to be attracted to other odd things: defined forearms and expressive eyebrows to name a few. (o.k.. and a lack of cravat in otherwise formal 19th century dress can get my heart rate up as well).

To whom do you owe this embarrassing confession? Why the person who introduced me to this show. Thank you very much yola. Now I am slightly obsessed with the lusty love life of the highland lairds. Just what I needed in life...another quirky obsession that further alienates me from normal society. ;)

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yola said...

Muahaha! Did you check out the Highland Flings section of the website? If you haven't and you gag easily, go ahead and skip it, because it's heavy on the fromage. At some point the melodrama in the series just goes a little overboard, but I love it anyway.

Don't you just love Duncan and Golly though? I adore them--knobby knees, tartans and all.


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