Monday, February 26, 2007

The Theory of Inner Coolness

I have a new theory which I like to call the inner coolness theory. I believe that all people all cool. In some people the coolness is very apparent, covered only by a thin veneer, easily recognizable on first acquaintance. Others: their coolness is hidden under many layers--something discovered after time, patience, and prolonged association. Yet, how worth the wait! Some of my dearest friends, the absolutely coolest people I know, I would categorize under this second heading. Even after 8-9 years, I am still striking gold, finding out interesting tidbits when I thought I knew everything. Hence the feeling of frustration when I fail to see people acknowledging their fabulousness, clamoring to be their friends and companions for life etc. Why won’t people make the effort? Why must they make superficial judgments based on pitiful amounts of data collection? Why do they persist in being blind?

I have lived a good chunk of my life in rural areas where society is rather “confined and unvarying.” Therefore, out of necessity, I have been obliged to associate with people who, under “normal” circumstances, I wouldn’t classify as being “kindred spirits.” The outcome: I am pleasantly surprised and have been blessed with some unlikely, but very cool, friendships. In other words, I have been forced by circumstance to find their inner coolness—because, although I rant and rave against society, I find that I too make snap judgments and don’t take the time to really get to know a person.

And that is just sad.

Because I think all of us know that we are really cool, and we just want people to take the time and effort to realize it.

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