Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How I came to become a Salmon Girl with super salmon saving powers

I was recently reminded of my secret super powers—the power to save salmon from an untimely and painful death….the power to save salmon habitat from villainous river-fouling livestock and evil earth-besmirching humans. And this power was bestowed entirely accidentally.

Y, K, X, and I were present for this first Annual Jammin’ for Salmon benefit concert/auction put on by the Northwest Ecosystem Alliance Salmon Campaign. The event took place on a summer’s eve (well, o.k……a late April evening) where both land and sea meet (the Bellingham Cruise Terminal)—A location evocative of the spiritual and physical metamorphosis that occurs as the salmon prepare for their long journey home to their death and subsequent birth of the new generation. For the festivities, a giant salmon was placed on the lawn—a physical representation of the great Salmon God to whom the event was dedicated. We paid our respects to the Salmon God by performing a traditional, honorary dance (cavorting) around the image before withdrawing for the ceremonies. Perhaps the Salmon God was pleased by our attentions, for when we introduced ourselves at the event door, the authorities, assuming us to be adults (21 years of age) endowed us with the power of the mighty salmon, the emblem of which was branded on our skins (in the form of a salmon stamp). The power was felt immediately, causing us to jump for joy, dance with exuberance, and declare our title of “Salmon Girl” with pride. Thus our initiation and the formation of the Salmon Girls quartet—four women dedicated to saving salmon one stream at a time.

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