Thursday, January 25, 2007

When Bad Dreams Coalese

I have a recurring dream/nightmare. This nightmare entails me registering for a calculus class. Afterwards, I completely forget about the class until the time comes for the final; at which point, I take the final but as I have done none of the homework, I fail--utterly. So, for my graduate program, one of the prerequisits is Calculus II. If you have not taken it prior to acceptance into the program, you have to take it within your first year. I took Calculus I my first quarter of my first year of college....about 10 years ago. I don't think I remember one thing from that class. So, to meet said requirement, I am currently taking Calculus II at a local community college (for both convienience and, hopefully, ease). Yesterday I attended the first class and the teacher passed out "review" problems. None of which I remembered how to do. Derivatives? Integrals? What in heck are they? Imagine the waves of despair/panic/helplessness/etc. that washed over me as I see the semester looming ahead of me. Nightmare! Oh, and to top it all off, the class is made up of high school students. Ugh. Brilliant 17 and 18 year olds. Maybe even younger. What a way to boost my self-esteem.

After this dreadful class, I drove home cold and hungry only to find myself locked out of the house. I had left my key on my shoelace when I went running that morning. Of course, none of my roommates are home. So again, I was picturing a long, very cold wait, until one of them came home. But at this point I must stop complaining because my roommate, although crazy at times, is really nice. He drove home to let me in.

So, all around, not a great day. I am hoping however that despite the rustiness of my mind, I will be able to squeek a decent grade out of my calculus class.

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