Friday, January 12, 2007

My Dear ---

In which I begin a venue to record the inconsequential nothings that make up my life. As a lover of Jane Austen and "novels about England" (a term developed family members to denote regency romances we don't want to admit to reading), I am fascinated about this concept of "correspondence"--an activity to which genteel ladies devoted large amounts of time. And the substance of their correspondence? Perhaps a funny anecdote, a juicy, scandalous bit of gossip, a new recipe created by their adorable French cook, their activities and acquaintances etc. While we have moved away from the traditional mode of this form consisting of a carefully handcrafted pen, a piece of parchment, a bottle of ink, and a wafer to seal the letter, the content is pretty much the same (baring the french cook--I unfortunately must fend for myself.) So begins Lady Susan.

So why Lady Susan? 1) I have always aspired to British nobility. 2) It is the only Jane Austen book written in epistolary form. As I am both a self-proclaimed Jane Austen fanatic and this blog is a technological epistle of sorts there was a natural connection. 3) Lady Susan is shamelessly self-promoting and so is this blog. 4) Lady Susan is notably idiosyncratic.....nuff said.


yola said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, my dear! It's good to have you -- I am looking forward to daily gossip and musings on wicker.

Nancy said...

I just came across your blog by clicking the next blog button. I loved the quote you had up top and so clicked on "why lady susan" to see if I could find its origin. Is the quote from Austen's Lady Susan then? Loved it.


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