Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Muffin Distraction

“There's so little scope for imagination in cookery. You just have to go by rules. The last time I made a cake I forgot to put the flour in. I was thinking the loveliest story about you and me, Diana. I thought you were desperately ill with smallpox and everybody deserted you, but I went boldly to your bedside and nursed you back to life; and then I took the smallpox and died and I was buried under those poplar trees in the graveyard and you planted a rosebush by my grave and watered it with your tears; and you never, never forgot the friend of your youth who sacrificed her life for you. Oh, it was such a pathetic tale, Diana. The tears just rained down over my cheeks while I mixed the cake. But I forgot the flour and the cake was a dismal failure. Flour is so essential to cakes, you know.”--Anne of Green Gables

And I would like to add: sugar is essential to muffins. I attempted to make these muffins last Sunday. I have made them before, and they are delish. However, I am afraid that I, like Anne, got swept away by my daydreaming, and the result was a “dismal failure.” In this instance, I forgot to add the brown sugar (“20 lbs of brown sugar!”), making them completely inedible. Such a culinary failure I have not had in a long time—if ever. I will not tell you the object of my daydreaming as it is too embarrassing to recount here, but needless to say it was sufficiently distracting. Sigh. I seem to be easily distracted of late.

However, If you are looking for a good muffin, these, when made correctly, are quite lovely and filling. Make sure you chop up the berries as directed to “spread the love” and to minimize the big gaping holes when the berries cook down.

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E.C. said...

I just finished that chapter. I've decided to re-read the entire Anne series...granted I should be reading my textbooks.

Ah distractions. Some times they can be fun.


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